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Anti-gay Tea Partier Michele Bachmann might run for president

Washington, D.C. — Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota said on Wednesday that she might try to take the Tea Party all the way to the White House.

"We're going to have a deep bench for 2012, I have no doubt, and I think what people are asking for is a bold, strong, constitutional conservative," Bachmann told MinnPost on Wednesday. "And I think that we're going to find out who that person is, but the main focus right now needs to be on the fact that we cannot afford a second term of Barack Obama and that's what I'm going to focus on."

Bachmann, a native of Iowa, will be traveling to Des Moines later this month to give a speech, just as other potential presidential candidates start sniffing around for money and votes.

Bachmann is about as anti-gay as any candidate can be.

She wants state and constitutional amendments that would ban gay marriage and any legal equivalents. 

She once said that the LGBT community was after "our children... are the prize for this community, they are specifically targeting our children."

She also has said she has "compassion" for people dealing with "sexual dysfunction and sexual identity disorders."

She is a graduate of Oral Roberts University and owns a Christian counseling clinic.
As a very conservative gay man, who agrees with the vast majority of what the tea party stands for and is trying to accomplish, it's for this reason that I can't support tea-party candidates.
Posted by landion79 on Thu, 1/6/2011 12:46 PM
She better not.
Posted by Maureen1957 on Thu, 1/6/2011 1:21 PM
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Posted by Ashley Marie Fink on Thu, 1/6/2011 1:26 PM
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She won't get my vote
Posted by Dem Bois on Thu, 1/6/2011 2:14 PM
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Crazy but not impossible
Posted by Luis J Rodriguez on Thu, 1/6/2011 2:16 PM
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Ugh! D:<
Posted by Jesseliy Aiden Centeno on Thu, 1/6/2011 2:18 PM
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Posted by Barbara Corbridge-Hairston on Thu, 1/6/2011 2:19 PM
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somebody needs to tell her it's 2011. how many child predators have been gay. none that i have heard of.
Posted by Debbie Lesch on Thu, 1/6/2011 2:20 PM
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You can run... but you cannot hide, Michele.
Posted by Scott Dreyer on Thu, 1/6/2011 2:37 PM
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Looks like Obama is getting re-elected.
Posted by Steph Tom Thomas on Thu, 1/6/2011 2:41 PM
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oh no!!
Posted by Aaron Being Successful Clay on Thu, 1/6/2011 3:15 PM
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She's a graduate of Oral Roberts University. Enough said.
Posted by Steve Martindale on Thu, 1/6/2011 3:19 PM
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From Across the Pond I pray Obama is re-elected, how dare people like Bachmann think we gays no civil rights..
Posted by Matthew Paul Dumas-Bowden on Thu, 1/6/2011 3:25 PM
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