/ Mona Noriega appointed Commissioner of Dept. of Human Relations

Mona Noriega appointed Commissioner of Dept. of Human Relations

Chicago, IL — Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel today appointed long-time lesbian activst Mona Noriega as the new Commissioner of the Department of Human Relations. 

Mona Noriega :: chicagogayhistory.com
Mona Noriega 
credit :: chicagogayhistory.com
The Civil Rights Agenda (TCRA), Illinois' leading advocacy group for LGBT civil rights, issued a statement applauding Emanuel's appointment. 

"Mona is a perfect pick for this role," said TCRA Executive Director Anthony Martinez, "Mona has a long history of working for what is right and bringing the issues of minority communities to the forefront.  You only have to look at her past work to see that Mona has a proven record of fighting for fairness, especially for those who need it the most."

"Mayor Emanuel made an outstanding selection that is a boost to LGBT morale," said Jacob Meister, President of TCRA's Board of Directors. "His selection proves that the Mayor-elect has set the bar high, and that he's listening to our mission that advocates for coalitions of every neighborhood, race and ethnicity."

According to ChicagoGayHistory.com, Noriega organized Amigas Latinas, a lesbian organization committed to empowering and educating Chicago-area Latinas. She helped to open Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund's Midwest Office and co-chaired the effort to bring the 2006 Gay Games to Chicago. 

Noriega has an MBA in marketing and strategic planning from the University of Illinois at Chicago and received her undergraduate degree from Northeastern Illinois University.
Congradulations Mona!!!
Posted by Jami A Jami on Wed, 5/11/2011 5:18 PM
Noriega doesn't represent the proud gay community in Chicago, especially gay men who're and always will be sexually active and HIV negative. She certainly doesn't represent sexually active and HIV negative gays like me and my totally gay, total top wealthy white boyfriend.
Posted by Phill on Thu, 5/12/2011 5:20 AM
Noriega is a terrible appointment. She doesn't represent the gay community in Chicago, especially me and my totally gay, total top wealthy white boyfriend. Mona represents the self-loathing, homophobic and HIV positive bigots of Chicago gay history of old status quo. She doesn't represent proud sexually active, HIV negative gay men like Bob & me.
Posted by Calvin Townsell on Thu, 5/12/2011 10:44 AM
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